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The mission of the Refugee Resettlement Program is to help refugees and their families obtain employment, economic self-sufficiency and social integration within the shortest possible time after their arrival into the Commonwealth.

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Concert for Refugees presented by Lancaster Community Foundation and Church World Service
At Tellus360 (click for more details)
24 East King St
Lancaster, PA
on January, 29, 2017 at 7pm
Donations: Pay what you can (Suggested Minimum $10)

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Bethany Christian Services in Allentown is looking for an Employment Specialist/Job Developer. It's a full time position within the refugee resettlement community. To apply visit: http://www.bethany.org - Please note this job is not via the Pennsylvania Refugee Resettlement Program and we will not respond to questions regarding it; contact Bethany directly.

Please take three minutes to view this beautiful and powerful video of refugees living in Lancaster, PA


 Refugee 101 Training Materials Now Available!- The Pennsylvania Refugee Health Program's Refugee 101 Training Materials are now available to our service providers.

Arrival Statistics

Since October 1, 1991, refugees from over thirty countries have resettled in the Commonwealth, representing diverse ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. The Cumulative Arrival figures presented here include refugees per se, Cuban and Haitian entrants, Amerasian immigrants and Kurdish asylees initially resettled in Pennsylvania. Not included are other asylees, and refugees initially resettled in other states.

Most refugee resettlement entails reunification of family members and/or planned placement in regions where there are good prospects for rapid employment and sufficient support services to facilitate adjustment to life in the United States.
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Click here to explore and learn more about the various countries of Pennsylvania's refugees
Click here to explore and learn more about the various home countries of Pennsylvania's refugees.



Pictured is Mohammed (middle), Jamal Sidik, Job Developer (right), and Zoya Kravetz, Director of Refugee Assistance at JEVS Human Services (left).

Mr. Mohammed Al Juboori is a 27 year old refugee from Iraq where he was working as an Air Traffic controller at Baghdad International Airport. He arrived to the United States in December 2014 with his family. Following his arrival, he sought employment through the JEVS Center for New Americans in Philadelphia.

Initially, he was assigned to volunteering activities in an ESL Class where he helped clients from different countries to learn English. He was very active, helpful, and motivated, and also volunteered for community activities.

Mohammed worked with the various level students, either individually or in a classroom. Clients liked him and respected him. He developed a friendship with the clients and continued mentoring them after they left the program. Mohammed assisted in a very pleasant manner with job search, and in the computer lab. He liked to conduct job preparation workshops and prepare clients for job interviews and was extremely dependable.

Mohammed’s dream was to work in his field at an airport but feeling a sense of responsibility, he was ready to take any available jobs to support his family and really begin his new life in the U.S.

When a job at Walmart was offered to Mohammed, he took it without hesitation despite the pay being only $8.00 per hour and he began his new job as a Sales Associate. Sometime later, another employment opportunity arose and Mohammed started working as a Machine Operator and paid a higher salary.

Mohammed was recognized by Governor Tom Wolf as being a contributing and valued member of the local community.

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